Does it feel like your child goes from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye?

I hear it time and time again – especially from parents who are keen to help their children manage their big feelings but nothing seems to work.

“He was happy one minute and then bang! He got angry and tried to hit me.”

“Every time I ask her to get dressed, she starts crying and will flat out refuse.”

“He keeps refusing to go swimming even though he loves it!”

I know you only want them to be happy. For them to be able to enjoy their life to the fullest. And for family life to be calmer and for everyone to get along (most of the time).

It’s not like you’re looking for a perfect life. You just want a life where everyone’s happy.

I totally get it!

I’d helped family after family with their children’s behaviour before I became a mum myself. I thought I understood what parents were going through. I never fully understood until my eldest was born.

My son’s senses were making his world a confusing, overwhelming and scary place! Right from birth, my son didn’t follow any of the books. He seemed to have his own book and I had to figure it out. It was only when he became a toddler that I realised he had sensory processing difficulties. 

His behaviour was telling me this but I wasn’t at work being a Psychologist. I was at home being a mum. I never put two and two together. But when I did, everything made sense. Since babyhood, my son had been trying to navigate a world where things were too bright, too loud, not fast enough, not secure enough.

Everything changed that day.

I started using all the tricks and strategies from my work with clients – at home.  And the changes were remarkable. Toddler tantrums still happened of course, but a lot of the meltdowns vanished.

I was able to prevent most of the meltdowns just by helping him balance his sensory needs! He even slept better (a very welcomed bonus)!

My son changed how I looked at behaviour. It made me see behaviour and think sensory first! I stopped thinking how do I STOP the behaviour, and instead, how do I support his difficulties?

And I started doing this with all my clients. Life became easier for them as well.

And it can become easier for you too.

But the truth is, for that to happen…

You need to see behaviour for what it really is!

A sign that something isn’t right. That there’s an unmet need using your child’s behaviour to make sure it GETS MET!

As humans, we have tons of needs that must be met. Some are as easy as getting a drink of water and a snack (hunger). Or taking a nap (sleep). Others are a bit trickier because there aren’t really any signs that we can spot.

Our sensory systems are magical things!

They help us make sense of our world but…and this is a BIG BUT!

Our senses need to be balanced for us to feel happy, calm and safe.

For children with sensory difficulties, this takes a lot of work. A lot of their behaviours IS them trying to stay balanced. However, when it all gets too much, they get overwhelmed and meltdowns happen.

"Being able to work out when my son's under or over sensitive within all the senses completely helped us to understand his behaviours and WHY he was doing them. We realise now he NEEDs to move and bounce to regulate his "proprioceptive" needs and by doing this, it helps him calm down. It even helps him SLEEP better!"
Mum of two (5 years & 2 years old)


The Coping With Sensory
Difficulties Workshop

Understand how senses affect behaviour and what you can do to help your child cope without the overwhelm and confusion of figuring everything out on their own.

The Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop is a 3-hour live workshop for parents of children with ASD/ADHD (although a diagnosis isn’t necessary!) that gives you the knowledge of sensory processing you need to uncover your child’s struggles AND helps you put together a plan so tricky situations aren’t so tricky anymore – without you having to read all the books and figure everything out on your own!

This is exactly what I teach my 1:1 clients, and what I do myself with my own son.

It's time to parent from the inside out - From your child's SENSES and NOT their behaviour!

You too can have less meltdowns and more calm (and fun!) in your daily life.

Here's what parents are saying about the workshop...

Small changes make all
the difference!

Meeting their needs reduced battles AND meltdowns!

Are you thinking, "Sounds great! But what can I expect?"

You’ll walk away from the workshop having learned…

Sign up to the Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop today!

Just £47

Changes happen but only when you keep making them

I know you’ll try some of the tips and strategies I cover in the workshop soon after you finish watching it. But what happens when life gets crazy and weeks, months or years go by?

I tend to drop things when life gets busy, and  so do a lot of parents I work with. We need easy-to-access reminders to keep us implementing day in and day out.

So that’s why I’ve created these super duper bonuses worth £67 for you!

Bonus #1: Lifetime access to the workshop recording (£47)

- More ease and flexibility!
- Lifetime access to the recording so you can watch it at a time that suits you (both now and years from now)
- Dip in and out of the workshop whenever you want
- Course-like format of the recording means you can find the section you want to watch without having to scroll through the whole 3-hours

Bonus #2: Coping With Sensory Workshop Workbook (£10)

- No more trying to find your training notes on scraps of papers you can’t remember where you put them, or in a notebook that’s sitting with 20 other notebooks.
- Write down your biggest takeaways and aha moments from each section of the training
- Cheat-sheet style pages style are included so you don’t have to watch rely on the recording
- Everything is in one place so you can refer back to it time and time again (if you store it somewhere handy! *wink*)

Bonus #3: Planning for Tricky Situations Workbook (£10)

- Plan for success using my 4-Step framework that turns parents from stressed, worried and overwhelmed just thinking about having to take their child anywhere to calm and confident that things will be okay
- Break down what could go wrong in an easy to follow step-by-step format
- Create a plan that minimises meltdowns and increases the chances that family outings are enjoyable (yes, it is possible)!

"It really does sound great, but I'm still not sure if it's for me."

I’m going to be honest. If you’re looking for strategies that will “fix” your child’s senses so they that work like everyone else’s then this workshop is NOT for you.

I created the Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop specifically for parents whose children seem to be more sensitive than others (code for: they seem to have more meltdowns than other children) who are looking to… 

  • understand how the senses affects their children’s behaviour 
  • have practical strategies to help their children cope with their sensory difficulties
  • how to plan for tricky situations so that they’re not as tricky
  • feel that their child isn’t broken, they just need support
  • who want to be able to enjoy family life again without spending time stressing about what could go wrong -they know what to do

The thing is, if you’re fed up of having to manage meltdown after meltdown and not knowing why they’re happening half the time, and it feels like you’ve tried everything, isn’t it worth trying something different?

Discover new possible triggers for your child’s behaviour (and what to do about them) or your money back!

If you’re even just a little bit tempted to sign up to the workshop, then I say why not give it a try?

Parents who have watched the workshop and put into action the ideas they’ve learned have been amazed at the differences that even the smallest of changes can make.

But if after watching the workshop you find that it wasn’t what you expected, or you didn’t gain even the smallest tip or insight from it, then simply email support@asdandadhdparenting.com within 14 days of the recording being sent out to you and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Life CAN be different, but it
requires a choice

Parenting requires being brave. Being brave to do things differently. To try new things.

When you’ve tried so many things, as most of the parents I work with have done, trying new things can make you feel uncertain.

Does it ever make you feel like that?

I get it.  I really do. But what happens if you keep doing the things that should work but don’t? 

I know you want the best for your child – we all do. But you deserve the best too! You deserve a family life that you can enjoy.  I want that for you, just like I want that for all my clients.

This workshop is only available right now. It can’t be purchased unless I run it again. Which…I might do later in the year if there’s a demand for it, but it’s not guarenteed.

So what do you say? Are you ready to parent your child from their SENSES out?

Sign up to the Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop today!

Just £47

You're interested, but...
Here are some questions lots of parents have.

The workshop is going to be live using Zoom on Thursday 4th March 2021, from 7.30 pm to 10.30 PM GMT. It will be recorded. So if you can’t make it live, it’s okay. Everyone who signs up for the workshop will get lifetime access to the recording.

There will be but it won’t be until later in the year. But if you want to wait because you can’t make it live on the 4th March 2021, remember everyone who signs up gets lifetime access to the recording. So waiting isn’t necessary UNLESS you really want to join live. If you want to wait so you can join live then keep checking my website or my Facebook page for the next date.


The workshop is £47! It’s really worth £97, but life is so crazy right now that I want to help as many people as I can.

Zoom is free, but if you don’t already have an account, make sure you sign up for one before the workshop.

I’ll be sending out the zoom link to the email address you’ve signed up with. Please check your junk mail folder as emails can often go there. Even better, make sure you “white list” my email address (hello@asdandadhdparenting.com). This just means letting your email provider know that you want to receive emails from me. Every provider is different so check how to do that with yours.

The day before the workshop, you’ll get the zoom link. I’ll also send some reminder emails on the day of the workshop. I know I tend to forget and find that when I get reminders, I stop missing out!

On the day, all you’ll need to do is click the link in the email. Sometimes Zoom asks for the password. This will be provided in the emails. 


I’ve been helping parents of children with ASD/ADHD who are anxious and/or aggressive for the last 10 years. The same strategies and framework I teach in this workshop have resulted in children and teens being able to enjoy their lives again, and families being able to do things together. I even use these strategies with my own son.

I’m not going to lie. While it can be an overnight miracle, the reality is that children all progress at their own rate. I like to think of it like growing flowers or vegetables. You don’t plant seeds and expect them to be fully grown the next day. You expect to nurture them until they’re fully grown.

It’s the same with parenting. Make the changes that support and nurture your child and when they’re ready, you’ll see marked improvements. But look out for the tiny changes along the way. They are always there. It’s just that we sometimes miss them.

Yes! We ALL have the same sensory systems! It’s just that parents of children with ASD and/or ADHD have been told that sensory difficulties are often linked to their child’s diagnosis. So they have some knowledge that this might be the cause of their children’s behaviour. But it is 100% relevant to everyone.

The more you understand how your child expeiences the world, the easier it is to support them. The easier it is to support them, the less they’ll need to use their behaviour to show you they’re finding life difficult.


I want to help as many people as I can and I hate the thought of people missing out on any of my workshops because they’ve got questions but didn’t ask me them. So if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at hello@asdandadhdparenting.com


Hi, I'm Cindy - Writer, Psychologist and ASD/ADHD Parenting Specialist

I work with parents of children who are struggling with anxiety and/or aggressive behaviour. Many of their children have a diagnosis of ASD and/or ADHD, but not all of them.

Parenting has been part of pretty much my whole adult life! I don’t only talk the talk, but walk the walk. You see, I’m also a mum of two active boys (9.5 years and 7 years old). The eldest has sensory processing difficulties and keeps me learning every day!

For the last 12 years – 9 of them spent working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services as  Psychologist –  I’ve been helping parents go from feeling like they’re at breaking point to loving parenting again.

I can’t wait to support you in your parenting journey!

Sign up to the Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop today!

Just £47