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Calm & Confident Parenting Bootcamp

A 12-month nurturing experience that will transform your family life into the one you’ve always wanted it to be

There's nothing like being a parent, is there?

The highs are high, and the lows are low. And then there’s the middle. Where it’s a bit of everything and nothing. Where you feel like you’re doing okay one minute, going through the motions the next.

Modern parenting is busy. That can be a good thing but it also creates a lot of problems. Busy lives create stress that parents before us never had to experience. Stress like having to juggle work, school runs, after-school and weekend activities, family time, couple time, chores, and so on. The list never seems to end.

We’re looking for quick fixes. Things that will solve our problems and solve them fast. After trying one thing after another – all of them promising to fix our problems – we start thinking maybe it’s us. Maybe we’re just not that great at this parenting thing. Or maybe it’s our child? Maybe they need fixing.

I can tell you you’re an amazing parent (I know because you’re reading this and most parents will not be doing that) and I can tell you that your child doesn’t need fixing. What your child needs, though, is for you to understand them and support them in becoming the best version of themselves.

Here's the shocking truth that no one tells you:

As long as you keep trying to stop your child's behaviour, the behaviour will keep happening.

What you focus on is what you get more of. Because you see, your child is doing the best they can. What’s actually happening is that they’re stuck in a pattern of behaviour. They need your help to get unstuck. The only way for you to help your child change their behaviour is by changing the way you look at behaviour and react to it.

You try your best, I know you do. The problem is you’ve not been told the truth about behaviour.  You’ve been told what to do when a behaviour happens. Not what to do to prevent the behaviour from happening in the first place!

And this my dear friend is the secret to those parents who seem able to stay calm and confident in the middle of a situation that sends you rocking into a corner.

These calm and confident parents know the three things that every parent requires to help them have a happier and calmer family where they enjoy parenting (most of the time).

The secret to calm and confident parenting is...




Parenting Tools





Calm and confident parents develop a deep understanding of their children. With this understanding, they can more easily uncover the real reasons behind their children’s behaviour, and know exactly what parenting strategies and tools to use so tricky parenting situations fall away. They stop feeling like they’re fighting fires and enjoy family life again. 

Calm and confident parents also know that we were never meant to parent on our own. They know the power of being supported and try to get as much support as they need.


The Calm & Confident Parenting Bootcamp

A 12-month nurturing experience that will transform your family life into the one you’ve always wanted it to be

Sounds great, but what can I expect?

Calm & Confident Parenting Course
(£397 value)

Say goodbye to hoping and praying that this time thing will work. After this course, you’ll not only know the truth about behaviour, but you’ll be able to uncover the root cause of your child’s behaviour and know what strategies to use.

Fortnightly Group Calls (24 calls)
(£6,660 value)

Ever wish you had someone on tap to help you? Hi, that’s me! I’ll be on hand the whole 12 months to guide you, hold your hand (virtually) and cheer you on. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Come on as many or as little calls as you need.

Workbooks & Cheat Sheets
(£297 value)

Everything you need to help you apply what you learn, and jot down all your big aha moments. Cheat Sheets make it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Private Facebook Group
(value is priceless!)

Parenting can feel lonely, especially when it feels like no one else has a child like yours. Inside this private group only for Bootcampers like you, you’ll be supported by me AND other parents who get it.

That's not at all!

I believe everyone deserves to live their dream lives. So I’m throwing in these amazing bonuses that will help you make your dream life happen. 

Behaviour Detective Workshop
(£77 value)

Behaviour can feel like it comes out of nowhere and it doesn’t make sense. There’s ALWAYS reasons for behaviour. You just need to go hunting for them! This workshop will show you how to uncover what’s causing the behaviour, step-by-step.

Coping with Sensory Difficulties Workshop
(£77 value)

We have 8 senses (yes, 8!) and if they aren’t balanced you will forever live in a state of stress. This workshop will help you uncover hidden sources of stress so you can meet those needs and help your child feel good in their bodies. Feeling good is the key to “good” behaviour.

Managing Big Feelings Workshop
(£77 value)

Emotions are complicated. Managing can be even MORE complicated. This workshop teaches you all about emotions and how to help your child learn to manage their emptions, step-by-step. No matter where they are with their abilities!

1-Hour 1:1 Welcome Call
(£111 value)

Let’s get to know each other before we get stuck into the Bootcamp. In this call, we’ll create your plan for the next few weeks so you can feel confident and start seeing those changes as fast as possible.

1-Hour 1:1 Check-In Call*
(£111 value)

This is your momentum Booster call. *wink* After a year together, your new parenting habits will have kicked in and life will be easier than it was when your started the Bootcamp. But what’s next? We’ll plan for that on this call.

Planning For Tricky Situations Workbook
(£47 value)

Life happens, children grow and change, new situations appear. This workbook will help you create a plan that minimises the chance that things go wrong and leave you feeling more calm and confident.

*Must be taken within 4-6 weeks after the end of the Bootcamp

That's a total value of £7,884! 🤩

But as they say, the early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, a crazy brilliant offer!

Get everything you need to help your child and family live your best lives for only £888 (instead of £1,111). Or 12 installments of £75.

But you need to act fast. This offer won’t last much longer!

You're interested, but...
Here are some questions lots of parents have.

We officially start Monday 8th November 2021. Your private 1:1 welcome call can be happen once you’ve sgined up. We will arrange this together.

I want you to be able to attend as many calls you feel you need. The schedule for the calls will be determined the week before we kick off on Monday 8th November. I will give you the ability to vote for your preferred call dates. While I can’t please everyone, I will do my best to come up with a schedule that works best for everyone.

The calls will be recorded so you will always be able to catch the replay. If you have any questions you want me to answer on the call, you will always have the chance to send me your question and I will answer live on the call. I will tell you at one point in the call I answered it.

No of course not! This is YOUR experience. You can attend as many or a few calls as you like.

Everyone is different in show much they feel comfortable sharing. I don’t call it “choose your own adventure” for nothing!

You get to choose how  you want to show up in the Bootcamp. Some people want that accountability and community. Others want to learn and do it on their own. The Bootcamp allows you both options.

Just know that it’s hard for me to support you if I don’t know you need help.

Yes! You have lifetime access to all the courses, workshops, group call recordings and resources included in the Bootcamp. By lifetime I mean that as long as I’m around and there’s somewhere to host it, you’ll have access to it!

The Calm & Confident Parenting Bootcamp isn’t really a program.

Yes, there’s the Calm & Confident Parenting course, but it’s so much more than a course. It’s a resource for you to use over and over again. You’ll be going deeper than anything I’ve ever seen out there into the WHYS of behaviour. You’ll also know all the pros and cons about parenting strategies so you can feel confident about whether it’s the right one to use. 

And you’ll be doing this with me holding your hand every step of the way. No more feeling overwhelmed and stressed because what you learned doesn’t fit your family.

This is a choose your own adventure type of experience. And you’ll get to spend 12 months with me and other parents who have similar experiences to you.

I’ve been helping parents of children with ASD/ADHD who are anxious and/or aggressive for the last 10 years. The same strategies and framework I teach in this workshop have resulted in children and teens being able to enjoy their lives again, and families being able to do things together. I even use these strategies with my own son!

I’m not going to lie. While it can be an overnight miracle, the reality is that children all progress at their own rate. I like to think of it like growing flowers or vegetables. You don’t plant seeds and expect them to be fully grown the next day. You expect to nurture them until they’re fully grown.

It’s the same with parenting. Make the changes that support and nurture your child and when they’re ready, you’ll see marked improvements. But look out for the tiny changes along the way. They are always there. It’s just that we sometimes miss them.

Yes! At the end of the day, we are ALL humans! We all have the same core needs. Behaviour works the same in every human.

The more you understand how your child experiences the world, the easier it is to support them. The easier it is to support them, the less they’ll need to use their behaviour to show you they’re finding life difficult.

Every parent who has experienced the Bootcamp has loved it, but I know I’m not for everyone and my approach may not be for you.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day no questions asked refund. You have 30 days to watch se of the lessons, bonus workshops and check out the resources. You’ll even have two calls you can hop on to.

If the Bootcamp wasn’t what you expected, or you didn’t learn anything at all – not even one tiny little thing – then just email suppert@asdandadhdparenting.com and I’ll refund you. No questions asked!

You have 30-days from the time y to the Bootcamp to check it out. And if it’s not what you expected, or you didn’t learn anything at all – not even one tiny little thing – then just email suppert@asdandadhdparenting.com and I’ll refund you. No questions asked!

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