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There's nothing like being a parent, is there?

The highs are high, and the lows are low. And then there’s the middle. Where it’s a bit of everything and nothing. Where you feel like you’re doing okay one minute, going through the motions the next.

Modern parenting is busy. That can be a good thing but it also creates a lot of problems. Busy lives create stress that parents before us never had to experience.

Stress like having to juggle work, school runs, after-school and weekend activities, family time, couple time, chores, and so on. The list never seems to end.

We’re looking for quick fixes. Things that will solve our problems and solve them fast.

The Calm & Confident Parenting Bootcamp
isn't like that!

Starting Monday 15th March, 2021 and over the course of 12 weeks, we are jumping in at the deep end (with floating devices – me! – I won’t let you sink and drown!) where you’ll learn what motivates behaviour. Because learning this means you’ll always know WHY behaviour happens.

You’re going to learn how to work backwards from what you see (behaviour) and figure out what triggers the behaviour and keep going until you get to the root cause – what motivated the behaviour to happen in the first place.

And then put strategies in place that matches the root cause.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be a pro (or at least on your way to being one *wink*) at doing this.

Sounds great, but what can I expect?

  • Early access to the 12-week course (£297)
  • 6 fortnightly group coaching calls (£479)
  • Private Facebook Group (Priceless)
  • Workbooks & cheat sheets (£100)


  • LIVE Behaviour Detective Workshop (£47)
  • *Recording of Managing Big Feelings Workshop (£37)
  • *Recording of Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop (£47)
  • Busy mum’s guide to Kids & the 5 love languages – eBook (£10)
  • The Planning for Tricky Situations Workbook (£7)

Total Value = £1024 but….of course you don’t have to pay that!

Investment = £497


3 installments of  £166

*If you already have a copy of the Managing Big Feelings Workshop and/or Coping with Sensory Difficulties Workshop, they cost will be taken off your total Bootcamp investment

You in?

YES! I'm in!

For tech support email: hello@asdandadhdparenting.com

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