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Tired of feeling like parenting is a guessing game? Hoping and praying you figured out the trigger and your strategies are going to work?

Parenting with confidence IS possible! Being a calmer parent IS possible! And you don’t have to figure it all out on your own!

With the Calm & Confident Parenting Bootcamp, you can finally say good-bye to throwing strategy after strategy, hoping something works!

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"I’m not scared anymore. I know I have some coping strategies."

Life before the Bootcamp was chaos. I was scared and anxious about how the day would go. I’ve learnt that no two days will be the same, that staying calm gets results, and to think outside the box as to why she does certain things. Thank you for all the help that you provide!

Elaine, mum of one (5 year old)

"The experience was life changing for me! We're so much happier.

When I first met Cindy, I felt angry a lot, like a failure, and not in control. Within a few weeks, I saw huge differences in my kids behaviour. It was amazing and I could have cried with joy! I learned that you don’t need to be hard on your kids with punishments and consequences to get them to respect you! Thank you!

Karen, mum to two (11 & 6 years old)

We understand him better and we feel more in control of life.

We use to have to deal with screaming daily. Now, we know that he’s just full of  “pencils.” He has no “room” to cope with anything we ask him. As a Parent, there is nothing better than being able to calm your child, and help them feel safe and happy – we are able to do that so much more now. Thank you Cindy

Esther, mum to two (5 & 2 years old)