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Managing Big Feelings Workshop-Checkout page - May 2021(v4)

Managing Big Feelings Workshop

What if instead of dealing with meltdowns and challenging behaviour, you knew how to help your child control their emotions so they don’t meltdown?

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Do you ever wish you could enjoy the time with your children without feeling like you’re constantly walking on eggshells?

When the days are good, they’re good.

Family life is happy. It’s full of smiles and laughter. It’s calm. And it’s fun!

But then it feels like reality kicks in. The shouting, the hitting, the kicking starts.

The defiance comes back and it feels like  family life is one battle after another. Like you’re spending most of your time trying to stop the behaviour. And it sucks.

It sucks big time.

You’re upset. The children are upset. And those calm and happy days feel so far away.

You’ve tried…

If you’re being really honest, that family life you get a glimpse of now and then feels impossible and you’re scared that this is it. You just need to learn to live with it and hopefully it’s a stage that will pass. Soon.

It’s not like you’re looking for a perfect life.
You just want everyone to be happy.


I totally get it! 

My clients want the same thing. They’ve tried every strategy under the sun and nothing worked. They come to me feeling like they’re at breaking point. This parenting thing isn’t just hard because we don’t always know how to help our children.

It’s hard because it’s constant.

As parents we don’t get a break. And when you’re dealing with difficult behaviours and every interaction feels like a battle.

It’s draining.

Parenting a child who can explode at even the smallest thing is exhausting. It makes you wish that they’d be able to control themselves.

I’m not that different from you and my clients. My eldest started his “terrible twos” at the age of 6 months. Probably even before then. He was an expert at anger from babyhood. Big, red, angry crying. Comforting and soothing him was exhausting. And he didn’t sleep. But that’s a whole other story for another day! It just means that I was running on empty trying to parent him.

At 9.5 years old, life is very different for us. He’s still quick to anger. But we don’t get the daily meltdowns. Once in a blue moon we might get a meltdown, but it lasts like 20 minutes.


I know a happier, calmer and fun family life is possible for you. It’s been possible for my clients and for my own family.

What changed things for us is that we stopped focusing on the behaviour and started focusing on our children’s emotions – their big, messy feelings that take over them and make them behave in ways they aren’t proud of.

Do you want to know the secret of how to STOP meltdowns before they even start?

Behaviour is like a big fancy and expensive red sports car. You can’t miss seeing it. But the car doesn’t drive itself!

And neither does behaviour. Behaviour comes from emotion.

Emotion drives behaviour. Your child is the one hitting, kicking, throwing and screaming, but it’s because emotions have taken over!

You can stop behaviour in its tracks if you can stop emotions from getting too big. Dot this, and you’ve stopped the behaviour before it even happened.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Sounding like it's too good to be true?

I know. It can’t be that simple, can it? You’ve tried all the calming strategies and that didn’t work. Why would this work? The reason calming strategies don’t work on their own is usually because of two reasons:

  1. It assumes that children are aware that their emotions are about to take over
  2. It assumes that children can control their emotions

If children could do both of those things already, don’t you think they would?

But what if you taught them how to become aware of when they’re getting upset? And then taught them what to do so they can get their emotions under control?

How would your life be different if most of the meltdowns could stop before they even started?


The Managing Big Feeling Workshop

A 3-hour workshop for parents who want to help their children learn to control their emotions
(even if they have no idea where to start!)

Managing Big Feelings Product Mock Up - May 2021

It's time to parent from the inside out - From your child's FEELINGS and NOT their behaviour!

You too can have less meltdowns and more calm (and fun!) in your daily life.

Here's what parents are saying about the workshop...

My daughters and I have never been closer


I felt like I was walking on eggshells all the time, worried about getting hit or screamed at. My biggest takeaway was that no child chooses to be angry! Our lives after the workshop is calmer. It’s full of laughter and calmness. My 11-year old talks and cuddles me now!

– Karen, mum to two (11 & 6 years old)

I understand my children better now


I have 6-year-old twins, and just when I felt I was through helping one through a tough time with their emotions, the other needed me. I struggled with knowing how much to support them without making them rely completely on me. After the workshop, I feel that I understand my children better. 

– Maggie, mum to two (6 year olds)

Tantrums and outbursts have reduced


I didn’t know where to start or what to do to improve things. The workshop gave me strategies and a new way to look at things. My communication with my daughter has improved, and in turn, so has her behaviour. The severity and volume of tantrums and outbursts has definitely reduced. Thank you!

– Lynn, mum to two (6 & 3 years old)

Are you thinking, "Sounds great! But what can I expect?"

In this 3-hour workshop/mini course (I’ve chopped my workshop into smaller lessons so you can dip in and out with ease), you will:

What's a birthday without presents?!

I know you’ll try some of the tips and strategies I cover in the workshop soon after you finish watching it. But what happens when life gets crazy and weeks, months or years go by?

I tend to drop things when life gets busy, and  so do a lot of parents I work with. We need easy-to-access reminders to keep us implementing day in and day out.

So I’m gifting you a few bonuses (value £60)!

A £35 value

Managing Big Feelings Workshop - Workbook

  • No more trying to find your notes on scraps of paper you can’t remember where you put them, or in a notebook that’s sitting with 20 other notebooks
  • Write down your biggest takeaways and aha moments from each section of the training
  • Cheat-sheet style pages are included so you can remind yourself of things quickly
  • Everything in one place so you can refer back time and time again (if you store it somewhere handy! *wink*)

A £25 value

Planning for Tricky Situations - Workbook

  • Plan for success using my 4-Step framework that turns parents from stressed, worried and overwhelmed just thinking about having to take their child anywhere to calm and confident that things will be okay
  • Break down what could go wrong in an easy to follow step-by-step format
  • Create a plan that minimises meltdowns and increases the chances that family outings are enjoyable (yes, it is possible!)

"It really does sound great, but I'm still not sure if it's for me."

If you’re a parent or a carer of a child or a teen who struggles to manage big feelings like worries or anger, then yes this is for you. This workshop is best suited for parents of children and teens 4 years old and older.

It’s important to note that the younger the child, the more limited they are with what they can do on their own. But the best time to teach children how to manage their emotions is from birth.

Yup. You heard me right. Step one of my framework can be used right from birth! It’s also never too late to start teaching children and teens how to manage their feelings. Adults get help to manage their feelings all the time.

How awesome is it that you have the chance to help your child or teen learn these skills right now? Totally awesome in my honest opinion.

If your child has ASD and/or ADHD, this is still suitable for them. Because you’re going to learn how to teach your child and not someone else’s, it will work for anyone.

The only caution I want to add is that if you think your child might have PDA, this workshop will be helpful but due to the extreme anxiety those with PDA experience, their ability to learn the skills taught in the workshop can’t be predicted.

The thing is, if you’re fed up of having to manage meltdown after meltdown and not knowing why they’re happening half the time, and it feels like you’ve tried everything, isn’t it worth trying something different?

Discover how to help your child manage their emotions (at whatever level they're at) or your money back!

If you’re even just a little bit tempted to sign up to the workshop, then I say why not give it a try?

Parents who have watched the workshop and put into action the ideas they’ve learned have been amazed at the differences that even the smallest of changes can make.

But if after watching the workshop you find that it wasn’t what you expected, or you didn’t gain even the smallest tip or insight from it, then simply email  support@asdandadhdparenting.com within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Don't miss this limited time offer!

Ready to uplevel your parenting by teaching your child how to control their emotions so they can cope with whatever life throws at them?

Get the Managing Big Feelings Workshop for just £47 (instead of £77).

Offer lasts until midnight Sunday 30th May 2021.

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You're interested, but...
Here are some questions lots of parents have.

You’ve got instant access to the workshop. So you can start watching whenever you want!

Yes! You have lifetime access to the workshop. Lifetime meaning as long as I’m around and there’s somewhere to host it!

This workshop isn’t about managing behaviour, so you won’t learn parenting strategies like praise, rewards, etc.

This workshop is about giving you the understanding about emotions so you know WHY your child behaves the way they do, and HOW to help THEM learn how to control their feelings and emotions.

When you can control your emotions, your behaviour improves.

I’ve been helping parents of children with ASD/ADHD who are anxious and/or aggressive for the last 10 years. The same strategies and framework I teach in this workshop have resulted in children and teens being able to enjoy their lives again, and families being able to do things together. I even use these strategies with my own son!

I’m not going to lie. While it can be an overnight miracle, the reality is that children all progress at their own rate. I like to think of it like growing flowers or vegetables. You don’t plant seeds and expect them to be fully grown the next day. You expect to nurture them until they’re fully grown.

It’s the same with parenting. Make the changes that support and nurture your child and when they’re ready, you’ll see marked improvements. But look out for the tiny changes along the way. They are always there. It’s just that we sometimes miss them.

Yes! We ALL have the same sensory system! It’s just that parents of children with ASD and/or ADHD have been told that sensory difficulties are often linked to their child’s diagnosis. So they have some knowledge that this might be the cause of their children’s behaviour. But it is 100% relevant to everyone.

The more you understand how your child experiences the world, the easier it is to support them. The easier it is to support them, the less they’ll need to use their behaviour to show you they’re finding life difficult.

All the parents who have purchased this workshop have loved it, but I know it might not be for everyone.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day no questions asked refund. If the workshop wasn’t what you expected, or you didn’t learn anything at all – not even one tiny little thing – then just email suppert@asdandadhdparenting.com and I’ll refund you. No questions asked!

You have 14-days from the time of purchase to check out the workshop. And if it’s not what you expected, or you didn’t learn anything at all – not even one tiny little thing – then just email suppert@asdandadhdparenting.com and I’ll refund you. No questions asked!


Hi, I'm Cindy - Writer, Psychologist and
ASD/ADHD Parenting Specialist

I work with parents of children who are struggling with anxiety and/or aggressive behaviour. Many of their children have a diagnosis of ASD and/or ADHD, but not all of them.

I’m also a mum of two active boys (9.5 years and 7 years old). The eldest has sensory processing difficulties and keeps me learning every day!

For the last 12 years – 9 of them spent working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services as  Psychologist –  I’ve been helping parents go from feeling like they’re at breaking point to loving parenting again.

I can’t wait to support you in your parenting journey!

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Coping With Sensory Difficulties Workshop. You can email me directly at support@asdandadhdparenting.com to get in touch and I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

Lance change

Want to finally feel confident in teaching your child how to control their emotions (and their behaviour as a result)?

The Managing Big Feelings Workshop will go back up its full price at midnight Sunday 30th May 2021.

Grab it now for just £47 (instead of £77).