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What if family life ran more smoothly and calmly?
What if you felt more confident in how you managed your child’s behaviour?


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Sometimes You Can See
It Coming​

There were lots of changes, life got busy … there’s usually some sort of reason. But sometimes it comes out of nowhere. The aggressive behaviour, the defiance, the moodiness, the list goes on.

Or the anxiety comes back full force and you can’t get them to do the things they used to do.

You try praise and rewards. Doesn’t work.
You try consequences. Doesn’t work.
You try more 1:1 time. Doesn’t work.
You resort to punishment – ignoring, timeout, taking screen time away – and everything blows up and becomes a million times worse!

Things Get Worse For One Simple Reason

The focus in one the WRONG thing!
We’ve been taught to try to STOP behaviour.

Stopping behaviour doesn’t work because behaviour is actually a symptom. It tells us that something isn’t right. If you don’t figure out what’s causing the behaviour and support it, then nothing will change. Well, not the way you want it anyway.

Another reason stopping behaviour doesn’t work is because it doesn’t replace the behaviour with something more desirable. You need to TEACH what you want them to do instead. You don’t grow carrots by pulling out the weeds and not plant carrot seeds to replace the weeds, do you?

Hi! I'm Cindy!

I’m a Psychologist and an ASD & ADHD Parenting Specialist. I’m also a home educating mum to two energetic boys who keep me on toes. Especially my eldest who has Sensory Processing difficulties and makes our family life a never-ending learning opportunity!

I hep parents of children with ASD/ADHD who are anxious and/or aggressive understand the root cause of behaviour so that they can have happier children, a calmer family life, and enjoy parenting again.

Unlike others who focus only on behavioural strategies, I help you understand WHY the behaviour is happening and what specific strategies will work best for YOUR child and YOUR family. That includes behaviour strategies, but strategies that support communication, and how your child thinks and feels.

My Beliefs

I believe that there’s no such thing as bad behaviour

I believe that children do well IF they can

I believe that parents are the experts in their children

I believe that with the right support YOU have the ability to transform your family’s life !

Official Boring (but important) Bits

  • Honours BA in Psychology
  • MSc in Developmental Psychopathology
  • MSc in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People
  • Master NLP Coach & Practitioner
  • 6 years in Parenting Research
  • 9 years in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • I specialise in ASD/ADHD/Sensory Processing difficulties, Tourettes Syndrome, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation

Fun Facts You Might Want To Know

  • I’m a French Canadian who lives in Scotland (by way of England)
  • I have an obsession with Country and Pop Music
  • I used to figure skate
  •  I LOVE Disney movies
  • I write chick-lit style fiction in my “spare” time
  • I love being outdoors, especially the beach
  • I believe you’re stronger than you think and that together, we can create the calm, happy and fun loving family live you dream of