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No More Walking On Eggshells

Family life feels more like a battleground than the calm, happy and fun life you imagined. You’re beginning to think that this is it – you’ve tried everything and it only seems to make things worse.

I help parents of children with ASD/ADHD (and sensory processing difficulties) who are anxious and/or aggressive understand the root cause of behaviour so that they can have a happier and calmer family life that allows them to have fun together.

Parenting Beliefs

The WHY’s Behind Behaviour

Child Specific Strategies

Change Is Possible

Parenting a child with ASD/ADHD (and sensory processing difficulties) isn’t the same as parenting a child without. They see and experience the world differently, and until you learn to see things things from their point of view, nothing will change.

Through 1:1 and group coaching, I help parents learn how to uncover the real reasons behaviour happens and what strategies support their child and teach them how to manage their emotions.

The result is a happier child and a calmer family life. You’ll be more confident about your parenting than ever been before.

If you’re ready to try something different, then book your FREE call today. Let’s explore together how you can move away from feeling frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed to enjoying parenting and family life again.


Parenting can be lonely. Especially whenit seems like no one understands what you’re going through.

With coaching, either 1:1 or group, you can be confident that you’re understood without judgement.


Parenting a child/teen with ASD, ADHD, and Sensory Processing is like learning a new language.

Here, you’ll find articles, top tips and book reviews to help you on your way to having a happier child and a calmer family life.


We all need a little help sometimes. Here you can find  FREE resources that help make parenting easier.

You can also find some links to organisations that offer information and support for families of children with ASD/ADHD.


Hello, I'm Cindy

I’m a Psychologist and ASD/ADHD Parenting Specialist. I’m also a Home Educating mum to two energetic boys (9 and 6.5 years old). My eldest has sensory processing difficulties which make our family life a never-ending learning opportunity.

I help parents learn the whys behind their child’s behaviour and use this to help them develop a parenting plan that’s as unique as their family.

Work with me and you’ll learn how to stop the overwhelm, teach your child how to manage their emotions and feel confident about your parenting.

Cindy Charest Parenting Specialist

Hear what parents have to say...

Hear it from others:

Cindy is amazing at getting to the root of the ‘problem’ and it’s often not what you think. Working with Cindy allowed me to approach things differently and it has made my life so much easier.

– Caroline, Mum of 2

In the space of a couple of months, we’ve gone from feeling there was no solution and constantly walking on eggshells to being able to put actions in place to help with his anxiety. Cindy has made a really, positive difference in our family.

– Sara, Mum of 2

ASD & ADHD Parenting Support Hub

We Were Never Suppose to Parent On Our Own

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one going through this. It’s exhausting, and no one seems to understand what it’s like.

The ASD & ADHD Parenting Support Hub is a FREE Facebook group for parents of children with ASD, ADHD, SPD, etc., as well as for parents whose children don’t have a diagnosis but share many of the same struggles as their ASD/ADHD/SPD peers.

With monthly live training on understanding different aspects of behaviour and different parenting skills and support from me and other parents who share similar struggles, you can build your confidence in your parenting and feel part of a community of parents who get it.